The Pursuit of Happiness


4thJulyThere are some unique demands that are made on us by our kids and wives. They force us to grow in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise, whittle away at our narcissism, and ultimately make us better people. When we take responsibility for others, it means we’re placing ourselves after them. We’re not first any more and we slowly come to realize that life’s not about us. The world doesn’t revolve around me.

There’s a price that’s paid and sacrifices made. This holds true for anything good, whether it’s a country or a marriage. Today we Americans remember our country, we celebrate all its diversity, and recognize everything that it took to get it where it is today.

It’s also a good day to celebrate with family. Having a family is the hardest job I’ve ever loved, and it’s been worth every hardship.

Take a minute and, as you’re remembering your country, celebrate your family as well.

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

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