What’s really important?

Job? Kids? Wife? Friends? Yourself?

How do you tell what’s really important in someone’s life?

The two obvious ways are where they spend their money and how they spend their time.

I’ll only address time here. The time you have to do whatever you want. Where do you spend it?


I find it interesting that most people have an innate sense of priority. We’re not just a set of behaviors, like cacti or frogs. People usually know when they’re putting the wrong things first. People have a moral sense. The reasons why bags of chemicals, protein, and water can tell the difference between right and wrong is the subject of a whole ‘nother topic, but for now suffice it to say that if we’re looking, it’s pretty obvious when we’re giving the wrong things too much preeminence in our lives.

I’d urge you to make your wife a priority in your life. You’re the one who married her for better or worse, remember? You’re the one who promised to love and honor her until death do you part, remember?

It’s good for us as men to recognize that our society is still pretty masculine. As a couple examples: most advertising by far is geared toward selling sex to men, and most positions of world and corporate power are held by men. Please keep in mind that your wife makes a daily choice to put her trust in you. She trusts that you’ll go out, kill something, and bring it home. She trusts that you’ll be able to hold adult conversation with her like you did back in 3 B.K. (Before Kids). She trusts that you’ll still care for her and pursue her like you used to.

Those are some high expectations, but they’re not unreachable goals. You’re pretty gifted that way already. There’s nothing that makes you feel like a man more than Taking Care of Business.

So what exactly does TCB look like? Well, I can’t tell you for your specific situations, but here are some helpful facts to apply:

  1. Your wife is more important than your stupid job.
  2. Your wife is more important than your stupid hobbies.
  3. Your wife is more important than your stupid kids.
  4. Your wife is more important than your stupid friends.
  5. Your wife is more important than your stupid self.

When you TCB with these important concepts in mind, the enduring respect you’ll get is worth the temporary pain caused by setting your priorities straight.

Speaking from personal experience, when you do finally set your priorities straight, you’ll find that your wife is unbelievably grateful.

We all know what the benefits of a grateful wife are…

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