How To Save Your Marriage


…from your kids.

Yes, kids put a strain on your marriage.  When your first kid is born, there’s suddenly this demanding little slug that simply cannot be ignored.  You will put blinders on and sacrifice everything for them, ignoring yourself and your mate.  In return, they will really only understand anything about your needs after they’ve grown and left the house.

Luckily, has some sound advice (link goes to the CNN article) on how to maintain your marriage after kids.

The List:

  1. Create warm welcomes
  2. Try 20-minute reconnects
  3. Set early bedtimes
  4. Share the load
  5. Encourage your kids’ independence
  6. Revive your past
  7. Put sex on your calendar
  8. Fight as if the neighbors can hear you
  9. Remember: Dad’s way works too
  10. Be a cheap date
  11. Understand the stages of marriage

It’s worth checking the article out for further exposition of this list.  I especially like the closing statement.

…you don’t have to choose between a happy marriage and happy, secure kids.  By having the first, you’ll likely get the second as well.

Truer words was never spoke.

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