Google, Bringer Of Analytics, Part 2


– Part 2 –

Once again, we turn to Google for today’s post.  This time, type in “why is my wife” and “why is my husband”.  And again, check out the suggestions Google comes up with based on search popularity.


Note the similarities and differences.


I’ll call out mean, angry (mad), and crazy (moody) as similar questions each sex has of the other.  This points to a disconnect that can be remedied by communication and further explanation.  Many times people simply just need to sit down with each other and say, “No, what I meant was…” or “I understood you to mean X, did you really mean Y?”

The differences are more interesting to me though.  The first unique-to-men question asked about women was “Why is my wife unhappy?”  It looks like we could conclude that a large amount of men think their women are unhappy with them, right?

Let’s look at the women’s perspective. The first unique question women asked about men was, “Why is my husband selfish?” From here, it looks like a large amount of women seem to think their men think only of themselves.

Could it be that many women are unhappy because their husbands have stopped pursuing them?

Think about it.  Men, if our wives saw that we desired them and chased them like we did when we were…well…chasing them, how could women think that we only think of ourselves?  Women want to be objects of desire far more than men do.  Not just sexually (although that’s a big part of it), but emotionally also. They want to be cared for, pampered, secure. Women have a security gland that men simply don’t possess.

Our women want to know that we’re thinking about them, that they’re important to us, and that when we’re not with them, we’d rather be.  If our wives knew that, it’s hard to imagine they’d think us selfish.

It’s also hard to imagine they’d be unhappy about the attention.

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