Aug 20 2009

Money And Your Marriage


This is big, folks. Most divorces happen because of money problems.

My wife and I have had money troubles in the past and have been dangerously close to divorce. We discovered Dave Ramsey and have understood the basic wisdom of what he has to say.

Here’s an example.

I can’t recommend his book The Total Money Makeover enough. It’s a life-changer if you follow the principles he lays out. Actually, if you just follow the steps, you’ll learn the principles.

Don’t let anyone tell you money isn’t a big deal. It’s huge. It’s the main barometer of a marriage relationship. If you’re talking regularly about money with your spouse and you’re both in agreement about how it comes in and where it should be going out, that’s a good indicator of a strong marriage. If you’re hiding things and sneaking around, keeping separate accounts and not knowing what your spouse is up to financially…watch out! That’s a symptom of a serious marriage emergency and you should get professional counseling immediately.

You spend money on what’s important to you. Show me your bank statement and I’ll show you what you care about.