Pay It Back


Whatever you pay back has repercussions that are completely unknown to you. The Butterfly Effect causes chaos in the ocean of humanity, but it’s chaos that we choose to influence. If you speak an encouraging word to someone, you don’t know where the ripple will stop. If you’re needlessly discouraging, you might as well not have gotten up in the morning.

We are free agents. We have free will. In any situation, we are the ones in control of us.

Let’s bring this home. No matter what kind of great day you may have, consider that your wife might not be having such a stellar day. Maybe she’s got a huge deadline coming up at work, or her boss had a bad day, or the kids are driving her nuts. Then you walk in, a willing ear, ready to be dumped on.

Instead of letting her be a wet blanket, make sure you’ve already called her before you get home. Make sure she knows you’re crazy about her. That you can’t wait to see her face and hear her voice.

Then consider that she will hold her head up a little higher because of it. Think about the smile you’ll get eventually. Consider that instead of yelling at the kids, she’ll patiently teach them. Consider that because of the way they’re treated, your kids will grow up and treat others with gentleness and understanding.

Cycles don’t have to be vicious.

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