Aug 29 2009



“Mom? Can I massage your back?”

With those simple words, a 5-year old is able to finagle a stay up past midnight on a school night. My tired wife is bent almost double, making happy noises on the couch while her back is being artlessly, sincerely rubbed by little hands.

It makes me think about the deposits we make, the things we do. I know for me, when my wife does something like put away the clothes, cook an awesome meal, or take care of the kids, it’s a sincere expression of her love.

It makes me wonder what I can do for her. It makes me want to do things for her.

When you make enough deposits, soon you’re able to make withdrawals. Normally, she’d cut off her right arm before she’d allow that kid to stay up this late. He, however, knows how to make his mom happy.

Guys, don’t you think you know how to make your woman happy? Shouldn’t you be trying your best?