There’s a massive amount of information and encouragement in all different types of media that’s geared towards women and relationships. It’s perfectly natural, and that’s the way it should be. Women all over the world tend to be very interested in human relationships and other such matters of the heart. They end up talking often about such things, reading about them, and educating themselves in interpersonal matters.

On the other hand most men would naturally rather go kill something and bring it home, or blow something up, or fix something. That, by the way, is also the way it should be.

It’s the male propensity to fix things that I’d like to appeal to. There are staggering amounts of broken people, resulting in damaged marriages, and finally culminating in more damaged children. People think, “Well, my parents survived. Yes they had problems and nobody’s perfect, but hey, I turned out alright. Why should I change anything?” And so it goes.

I’d also like to appeal to a man’s desire for leadership and respect that can only come through provision and sacrifice.  Put it simply, that means taking care of business.  Doing what you’re supposed to do.  Following through.  Being honorable.  Standing up for your family.  Men naturally desire to do that.

This may seem like a strange idea, but I’m postulating that the man controls the relationship. Men, I’m saying that just as you are, so will your marriage be. Your wife looks to you for excellent leadership in your home as you deal with life’s slings and arrows together.  Men, I’m saying that you drive the relationship, maintain it, keep the engine humming. You were made to fix things and be a provider and you have a huge amount of innate talent to do that. The good news is that in addition to your natural talent, there are tools available and techniques that can be learned. You wouldn’t attempt even a simple oil change on a Bugatti without first educating yourself about it and getting the right tools for the job, right? Your relationship with your wife is much more valuable.

My name is Aram Granger. I’m just a regular guy trying to be the best I can be. I’ve been unbelievably happy in my marriage of over a decade, and I’ve noticed some things…

Here they are.