Jul 6 2009

A Quick Word For The Men


Do you remember her reaction when you first proposed? Was there any uncertainty that she’d say “No.”? Remember your preparation for the date? Remember the lengths you went to in order to make her happy? Remember how you showed you were crazy about her? Remember how you couldn’t wait for your life together to get started?

Now that your wife’s a sure thing, it’s infinitely more important to continue showing her you’re crazy about her. Keep preparing for dates. Continue going to great lengths to make her happy.

Let her know you can’t wait for the rest of your life together.

Jul 4 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness


4thJulyThere are some unique demands that are made on us by our kids and wives. They force us to grow in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise, whittle away at our narcissism, and ultimately make us better people. When we take responsibility for others, it means we’re placing ourselves after them. We’re not first any more and we slowly come to realize that life’s not about us. The world doesn’t revolve around me.

There’s a price that’s paid and sacrifices made. This holds true for anything good, whether it’s a country or a marriage. Today we Americans remember our country, we celebrate all its diversity, and recognize everything that it took to get it where it is today.

It’s also a good day to celebrate with family. Having a family is the hardest job I’ve ever loved, and it’s been worth every hardship.

Take a minute and, as you’re remembering your country, celebrate your family as well.

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

Jun 26 2009

Does It Feel Good?


For years we’ve heard, “If it feels good, do it”, and “It’s not hurting anybody so it must be alright”, and “You deserve a break today.”

Let me be clear here. I’m not opposed to feeling good, but not at the expense of doing good. Doing good is far more important than feeling good.

There are many who think that something is good because it feels good. They’re wrong. This is what babies do. Children do what feels good. Adults devise a plan and stick to it. Men especially need to be honorable enough to plan wisely, communicate their plans, and then keep their word.

There is much good to be done that doesn’t feel good in the doing. The self-sacrifice required to be a husband and father results in good, but nobody will tell you it feels good to be giving of yourself all the time. There are certainly times when I’d rather have some Me Time, but I’ve got to constantly make the grown-up decision not to. Why? Not because it feels good, but because it is good.

The kids need transporting, the broken needs fixing, the lights need to stay on, and the list goes on. When you’re the one in charge of making sure your family is running like a well-oiled machine, you don’t often have the option of doing what feels good. The family car requires maintenance or it will break down.

Luckily, men have some natural talents in that direction. I’m happy to go hunt, kill the Beast, and drag it home to my family.

It helps to keep in mind that sometimes the Beast looks a lot like dirty dishes or a pile of laundry.